You are more than just a mom

When my baby went off to college and my “Just a mom job” was complete I didn’t know what to do next.

During a silly argument with my husband about money I remember saying to him, “I know you’re a big shot and I’m a nobody”. WOW!

I was just as shocked to hear those words as he was. We were comfortable. But he made the money and I, well I spent the money.

I realize now that those words and that feeling came from my lack of purpose. I hadn’t been Andrea for a long time.

I wrapped up my identity in being Mom and now that my job was complete I was just living this merry go round.

Going to work at a job where someone else controlled my life in exchange for a check (a very small check) to buy “stuff”.

Go home, make dinner, get on Facebook, go to bed and then get up the next day and start all over again.

When I found my network marketing company I loved their mission and their product. I knew it was something I needed to pursue. I joined to change my own life at a discount, accidentally started a team and accidentally found my purpose.

My hiding time is over. I have grown so much and I want that for you too.

We are all born unique, we can use that gift to help others. I'm using mine to help women just like you to find their purpose.

How do I know what to teach? I’m living it! Everything I share, I have done.

I have a deep knowing that I am who I choose to be, not who someone else wants me to be.

There is so much peace that comes with allowing yourself to fully step into the true you - without apologies or justifications.

I know on a gut level that the women I am on this earth to help will find me.

But they won't find me if I'm hiding or busy being someone else.

My job is to show up and be my authentic, awesome self. With all the beautiful flaws and hard-won wisdom that I AM. And BE THAT.

My wish for you is that YOU will do the same.



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