I’m Andrea.  Lover of life, cheese & chocolate mousse.  My favorite color is pink, I love to feel pretty and if you come on my page there is a good chance you’ll see me ranting just a little about issues that protect women and kids.   I’m a life coach and someday you will find me on a stage or in a book inspiring you to live your best life.  

If you’re interested, this is my story.


The life everyone wants. You get to stay home with your kids every day while your husband does his part to give you an amazing life.

I had the world by the ass as my Dad would say. It was the best job I could ask for, so why did I feel like I was "just a Mom"?  Who was I to complain that I wasn't "fulfilled"? 

And so I threw myself into being the best wife and mom I could be.  When that identity crisis would bubble up inside I would just shove it back down. (For the record, it doesn’t work.  The voices keep getting louder)

Then it happened, almost as if I didn’t know this was the eventual outcome, I was an empty nester. 

I was 40 something with no real identity outside of being a Mom and a wife.   No college degree, no career  that wasn’t over 20 years old, I was stuck.  

It’s been a long and winding road.  The details of which you’ll hear in my social media  if you decide to follow along.  Ultimately, it  led me to my dream job of helping women just like you, to find your voice, learn to use it and most importantly, learn to trust it.  

I found my gift.  I am  Andrea again.  Every day I work to become a newer, better version of me.     I have learned I have value. I stopped being ashamed that I hadn’t finished college, that I was JUST a  mom.  I learned to stop making decisions based on who I am not and embrace who I am.

You deserve to know this feeling too.   You don’t have to wait until your kids go off to college to find yourself. You deserve to know what it feels like to not only be proud of your husband and your kids but to be proud of yourself as well.

Thanks for stopping by my page.  If anything in my story resonates with you, lets connect.  (creepy men need not apply)  Reach out to me or join my group.  I can’t wait to get to know you better