Are you stuck?

Are you trying to reinvent yourself or maybe discover the woman you used to be? Maybe you are feeling like you have no purpose?

You want to follow your passion and make a differnece in this world but you're just not sure what that is.

You know that there is more but you lack confidence and direction. 

I was the same.  I found my gift in my struggle and I can teach you to do it too.


Let's start this journey together.


When you work with me you get 5 weeks of customized strategy sessions where we map out a plan that is unique to you.   

We start by uncovering the gift that makes you who you are.   We get clear on your strengths and your purpose.  I show you how to uncover the joy in your life and set goals that are in alignment with you.


Next, we build your confidence.  I'll teach you how to show up as your authentic self by working with you to develop your own unique code of ethics.  You will quickly learn that your experience is your expertise.


Finally, we work on the skills and habits necessary to build a successful life that you love. 

So what do you think?  Are you ready to make a difference in your life and someone else's?


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Are you ready to start building a life that doesn't make you need a vacation?

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Keyboard and Mouse


You were a positive voice that my ears could hear right then.  You gave me practical steps to get my feet in motion and my mind headed in the right direction. I needed someone to believe in me, because I just couldn't do it myself.  I didn't even know that was a thing! Confidence and belief were nowhere in my game at that time! THANK YOU!


Andrea really helped me "zoom out" when looking at my business and see what the truly important things are. One major thing she brought me back to was that I just needed to be me. Not who I'm 'supposed to be'. 

This was such a weight lifted off my chest. And it may sound simple, but when you're "in the trenches" sometimes you can't see the forest from the trees.

I've been constantly trying to keep up with what I'm seeing others do, and thinking I have to follow the "right steps" to do something. Ever since my session with Andrea I've felt so much more relaxed in the work I am putting out there, how I can help, and my feelings of overwhelm and being "stuck". Thank you Andrea

Andrea R.

I love to learn from beautiful, respectful, smart, strong and courageous women like Andrea Inverso.

Thank you for inspiring us to always stand by our own voice!